Don't depend on aimless tutoring. TC Tech Prep offers a results driven, proven system based instructional program created to break barriers to gaining skills for students K-12.

Discover our "totally customized" difference in the TC Hybrid Math and Reading Program for faster results!

The TC (Totally Customized) Tech Difference for virtual tutoring was a vision of interactive virtual tutoring and class room help that used the power of technology to empower and customize to the student's needs.  "What was missing in online and/or hybrid tutoring was customized details that would keep the student just as engaged as they would be  in an in-person tutoring session. With TC Tech, students receive fully customized tutoring services based on their learning style and materials for higher engagement with our proven TC (Totally Customized) Math and Reading system that is proven to boost up to two grade levels  in just 12 weeks." -Andrea Martin, Director.

A program from the parent company of Luminate Brands, TC Tech has helped worked with  schools nationwide and personal membership families from 2011, creating a reputation for boosting skills and test scores quickly. Your child will love our learning style based tutoring experience that incorporates  the student's learning style, easy to use tools and confidence building  in a system proven to build skills.

Tutor Qualifications 

TC Tech Prep is a member of the National Tutoring Association.  With above average standards, TC Tech Prep  implements  our own internal  certification process for tutors which includes  rigorous requirements, demonstration of skill  and a strong level of pre-existing experience.

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